The Traveling Quilter

Welcome to my new blog, “The Traveling Quilter.” I would like to share with you, my travels and inspirations for quilting. Not all locations will include a quilt shop or show, but, for each destination I will be creating a quilt block that I will share with you on the blog. I will be starting with locations in my home state. When I finish the blocks for a state, I will be creating a quilt with the blocks that I made from each destination and will share it on the blog. I hope you enjoy the blog and become as inspired as I am from these beautiful and interesting places.
With Full wallets, full tummies, and a full van we were off on our adventure. Our destination, the tulip festival in Holland, Michigan was going to be a visual treat for the eye and an excellent source of inspiration for our quilting projects. Of course, there would be several stops along the way. I had the trip all planned out the week before. There were four quilt shops to visit. We weren’t on the road more than ten minutes when Darlene, an avid quilter, inquired where the first quilt shop stop would be. Well, I thought we would drive awhile first. After all, we can visit the quilt shops near home anytime and this was going to be a trip of discovery. So, it was off to East Lansing and our first quilt shop.
Country Stitches is a wonderful quilt shop filled with exciting ideas and row after row of gorgeous fabric. They show a lot of finished projects that you can buy a pattern for or a quilt kit if you prefer. This is one of the largest quilt shops I have been in. I picked out some beautiful batiks. I’m not sure what I will use them for, but the fabric was so yummy that I just had to have it.They have a great selection of machines too. The staff was very helpful. I definitely will be going back there again.
Next stop, Lake Odessa Michigan, just about an hour away from East Lansing. The name of the shop was the “Friends Quilting Basket.” They had a truly scrumptious selection of fabrics and knowledgeable staff. Terry bought a beautiful quilt kit with hues of purple. Our wallets were definitely getting lighter and so were our spirits. We shopped and visited and purchased and visited. Quilters truly are a friendly bunch.

     The next stop was the tulip festival in Holland, MI. What an uplifting sight. Streets lined with tulips in explosive colors and shapes. The Windmill Island Gardens is a must see. You will find many attractions like antique Dutch carousel, an authentic Dutch wind mill and some great shopping. If you’re looking for Dutch wall clocks or some beautiful dishes, Holland is the place to shop.
There are some great places to visit in Holland MI even after the blooms have faded. There are so many attractions it will take more than the couple of days we have to visit. We stopped at a local quilt show and a gift shop and headed back to our hotel room at Holiday Inn Express. Too exhausted to go out to dinner, we decided to eat in Sharkee’s, inside the hotel. We all opted for burgers. It was a great choice, they were delicious and the service was great.We went swimming after dinner and had cocktails by the pool. It was so relaxing and enjoyable. And even better, it was adult swim only for the last two hours. What a great way to end our day. We were asleep before we could watch one movie.
The next morning, we had one more stop in Holland before heading home. There was a fabric store in town and we still had a little room in the car that we might as well fill up. I mean, the trunk wasn’t dragging or anything.
Fields fabric store was huge and inviting. It isn’t just a quilting store, but a huge assortment of all types of fabrics. Of course, they had tulip fabric which all three of us bought.
There is a historic part of town filled with interesting shops and places to eat. We were there during the festival, so there were parades and dancing, and activities. We left Holland with lots of great memories and fabric. I am looking forward to getting started on all the projects I have planned from the purchases of our trip.
The previous three posts contain 2 photos of tulip festival and one photo of quilt block.